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Phone Systems  .  Security Cameras  .  Pallet Racking
Store Fixtures & Store Shelving  .  Wire Display  .  Slatwall Panel

Bullet NEC PhoneSystems, Phone Equipment and Replacement Phones   NEC Phones    NEC Business Phones

Phone Systems starting at 3 Incoming Lines X 8 Telephone Extensions with maximum growth to 32 X 64 or 24 X 80.  Automated Attendant, Voice Mail, Toll Restriction.   click here

Bullet NEC Elite, IPK, & Electra Elite Business Phones and Replacement Phones

Replacement phones and hardware including:  All DTU, DTH, New Cordless Phones Trunk Cards, CO Cards, Caller ID and a whole lot more

Bullet Panasonic Phone Systems   Panasonic Phones     Panasonic Business Phones

Everything Panasonic  New phone systems, hard to find replacement cards, hardware and phones new and refurbished with warranty.  click here

Bullet Panaconic KX-TDA50      Phone Systems Starting at 4 Incoming Lines X 4 Phone Extensions with maximum growth up to 12 and up to 24 phones.
Bullet Comdial Phones system configuration starts at 4 lines in X 8 digital station executive phones X 2 available analog ports for fax or cordless phones. click here
Bullet Vodavi Phone Systems

ESSI provides replacement phones, cards, and control unitsfor most all Vodavi Phone Systems such as all the Starplus models, XTS, Infinite, 616, Flex, EX

Bullet Nortel Phone Systems.  Nortel Phones

Nortel Phone Systems starting at 3 lines in X 8 telephones, with voice mail and automated attendant available in either new or refurbished equipment with a standard 2 year warranty.

Business Inquiries
Please let us know of your product or business idea that you think might work.
All inquiries will be carefully considered by the E System Sales, Inc. Board

Bullet Vodavi Starplus 616 Flex Replacement Phones

Infinity, Nortel and Norstar Replacement Phones.  A low cost solution to prolonged phone systems life.   click here


Security Camera Systems.

Ask us how you can reduce shrinkage, theft and damage to property while you concentrate on the vital aspects of running your business.  Monitor your security camera system through the internet remotely with your Web Browser.  click here

Bullet EZ Voice Over IP.  Effective solution for high cost long distance charges between distant office locations.  Extend your office work station telephone extension to your home or home office.    click here
Slatwall Panels  Slatwall Hooks

Available in mostly a 4' wide X 8' high configuration, we can cut the panels into custome sizes also.  Coverings include Melamine, Formica, Wilson Art and more.

Wire Displays and Hooks 

Wire grid displays in 3 inch on center and 3 1/2 inch on center with framing and with out framing, paper racks, pegboard and slatwall hooks, soda bottle and wine bottle displays, glass showcases, potato chip displays, store countertop systems, slatwall panels, and more.

Store Fixtures and Shelving.    Madix Shelving  -  Streater Shelving  -  Lozier Shelving

Manufactured by the nations largest Store Fixture manufacturer with a complete line to completely outfit your new store.










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