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Panasonic Phone Systems

Panasonic Phone Systems

Since the very beginning our goal at E System Sales, Inc. is to provide our customers with the best telephone system available on the market.  When considering a phone system, one of the most important aspects is not only the quality of the system but how well is it supported.  After more then a decade later we found we have made an excellent choice in the Panasonic Phone Systems as the failure rate is very low and the support is excellent.  We have found that if the Panasonic brochure states a feature and our customer asks about it, all of the Panasonic Support Engineers are familiar and we have had no problems making the feature in question work.

At this point as the years have progressed we have been able to provide our customers with most everything Panasonic has to offer in the Business Phone System world as far as support and replacement Panasonic Phones for the older model systems that are no longer being manufactured.  All and all ESSI is geared up to make sure that our customers can receive the most out of the Phone System investment through out the life of the system.

The newer model Panasonic Phone Systems such as the feature rich Panasonic KX-TDE can support as many as 1000 phones for larger business applications with the KX-TDE600 and the KX-TDA50 is a small business phone system for business with the needs of 3 phones to 24 phones.

The newer Panasonic systems support all of the latest features most notably VoIP, Computer Integration, and Unified Messaging.  One feature we like is the ability to deal with unwanted and annoying phone calls in two ways.

Another excellent feature add to the Panasonic TDE and TDA is it's Cordless Phone Capability.  How it works is: the cordless phones and what is known as the cell stations are sold separately and you can mount several cell stations through out a facility or a home and when a cordless phone moves away from one cell station it then connects to the next closest cell station with out losing connection or dropping a call.